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Nancy Stanford Blair, PhD, knew she wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives from a very early age. Once she discovered teaching as the route to touching the future, she never turned back. With a career that spans four decades creating learning opportunities at the primary, secondary, college and professional levels, Nancy has always promoted the singular and collective influence of people to transform themselves and the circumstances around them.

Specifically, Nancy has created multiple local, state, national and international programs that have successfully developed inspirational, transformational leaders. She is currently Professor Emerita of Doctoral Leadership Studies at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a consultant in leadership formation and sustainability, and a proud grandmother of seven future leaders.

She has co-authored four books: Connecting Leadership to the Brain, Leading with the Brain in Mind, Mindful Leadership and Leading Coherently: Reflections from Leaders around the World (SAGE). She has earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her PhD from the University of Illinois. Nancy brings her message to life through creating the unbridled capacity in others to masterfully and fully serve their corner of the world.

Other Books

Leading Coherently

Leading Coherently draws insight from 36 exemplary leaders to describe a natural and potent relationship between leadership formation, performance, and sustainability. Through sharing their leadership stories, leaders from across the globe reveal prominent themes about how leaders are formed to the role of influencing others toward the achievement of goals.

Leading with the Brain in Mind

Effective leadership hinges not only on understanding the nature of human intelligence, but also, more importantly, on applying the principles that nurture it. Taking leaders from knowledge about the value of brain-based leadership, to action based on the best available research is what this inspiring guide is all about.

Mindful Leadership

(2nd Edition)

This updated edition of the groundbreaking book Connecting Leadership to the Brain provides school leaders with a visionary framework for understanding how mindful leadership significantly impacts growth and achievement in educational communities.

Your Life is Your Message

This book is a call to adventure, an opportunity to live life to the fullest and a guide to discovering your own path towards transformational leadership. When Mahatma Gandhi was asked by a reporter to sum up his life’s work, he responded simply, ‘My life is my message’. This book invites you on a journey to illuminate your life’s message to empower and align it with the legacy you want to leave behind.

Connecting Leadership to the Brain

This visionary guide sheds new light on the essence of effective leadership. The text invites educators at all levels to deepen their personal understanding of leadership and to fully embrace and embody the notion of becoming a mindful leader.


Dr. Blair has published 5 books, has and over 50 of publications.

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