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YOUR LIFE IS YOUR MESSAGE: The Core of Transformational Leadership

The story goes that a young reporter asked Mahatma Gandhi, “What is your message?” Without hesitation Gandhi, responded simply, “My life is my message.” To understand his leadership and impact, you have to look no further than how he lived his life-in every interaction and every act of service to others, his community and his nation.  

And so it goes with the many leaders we recognize as leaving impressive footprints through service: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa to name a few icons. But we also can learn from the stories of current leaders in business, education, health care and government. This presentation, whether a keynote or a half day to two-day seminar, will inspire participants to recognize their own leadership potential and how they can clarify and strengthen the message that they intend to send.  By examining core values, life purpose, intended outcomes and coherent leadership behaviors, leaders will learn to leverage their strengths and more effectively transform themselves, their organizations and/or communities to the achievement of extraordinary results.

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Seminar: How Do We Show Up Now?

New Ways to Engage in a Socially Distant World

The capacity to “show up” and be fully present in our personal and professional lives Is always a challenge. Yet In today’s socially distant world, being meaningfully present and engaged seems all the more necessary and  difficult.  Fortunately, opportunities are arising out of our current crisis that provide new ways of connecting with internal and external stakeholders, and new approaches for doing and being with the organizations, businesses, and communities we serve. 

In this seminar, you will learn about compelling approaches for how to show up now, and you will be challenged to consider how showing up not only means being present, but also being a leader who can positively align his or her values with actions that can positively influence the greater good.

This seminar can be delivered as a webinar or keynote for either a full or half day session.


Whether working locally or globally, a key to being successful on teams and within organizations is to understand how to become interculturally competent and have the ability to resolve conflict.  Growing your knowledge and abilities in these areas not only enables you to be more effective with colleagues from different backgrounds and with distinct mindsets, but developing also gives you a greater capacity to thrive personally and professionally in whatever situation you encounter.  

By enrolling in this seminar you will learn to become interculturally competent by respecting others’ cultures, and by growing your own capacity to adapt and integrate the perspectives of others into your ways of seeing, understanding, and interacting in the world.  In addition you will be able to complement your intercultural abilities by also learning how to resolve conflict among people who come from distinctly different perspectives. Conflict arises when needs and interests clash and are perceived to be irresolvable. Collaborative conflict resolutions skills enable the reframing of these differences into mutually beneficial solutions. You will learn to distinguish between positions and needs, and how to find common ground to reframe needs and interests so that creative win-win solutions can be found and agreed upon. 

This three-day seminar will help you to better understand and advance through the developmental stages of intercultural competency and the key skills of collaborative conflict resolution.  Both of these skillsets will benefit your leadership efficacy and elevate your organizational results. An additional two days (10 hours) of sessions are available for those who would like to become credentialed as trainers and facilitate the workshop in their own organizations and communities.


In business, healthcare, education and just about any other professional discipline, there seems to be a growing truism that if you are not successful in connecting with the community and creating partnerships, then you also will not be successful in fulfilling your personal or organizational mission.   Making a substantive impact in today’s complex society requires an understanding of how to build relationships that embrace shared goals, co-created plans and processes, and mutually beneficial outcomes.  Through attending this seminar, you will learn about the concepts and applications of effective community engagement and partnership development, including the approaches of collective impact, asset mapping, and sustainable partnership creation and growth.  Ultimately, by the end of this seminar, it’s expected that you will likely discover another truism: heathy relationships yield outstanding results. 

This three day includes an opportunity to learn from leaders of exemplary community partnerships and to strategize how you will move forward in creating your own pathways toward more fruitful community engagement and partnership development. An additional two days (10 hours) of sessions are available for those who would like to become credentialed as trainers and facilitate the workshop in their own organizations and communities.


For individuals seeking to lead strong teams and healthy organizations in today’s world, there are a clear set of competencies that can help yield successful outcomes.  In this seminar you will learn how your own core values shape your mission and goals, and how your actions and decision-making must align with your values in order for you to lead with clarity.  With your own values as an operating framework, you will also learn how to apply adaptive leadership practices to address the complex challenges of the 21st Century, and how to build teams and organizations that incorporate trust, healthy conflict, strong communication to yield desirable outcomes.

This one to three-day seminar will help you better understand how leadership can be learned and cultivated, and how to grow teams and organizations that are mission-based and responsive to the needs of internal and external constituents.    Through interactive discussion, experiential learning and mini-lectures, participants will develop the skills that will help them lead successfully in today’s marketplace.  An additional two days (10 hours) of sessions are available for those who would like to become credentialed as trainers and facilitate the workshop in their own organizations and communities.

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When Mahatma Gandhi was asked by a reporter to sum up his life’s work, he responded simply, “My life is my message.”  We all send a message with our thoughts, words and deeds, but is it the message we intend?  Are we purposeful in putting forth our better self, our elevated version of the person we want to be? We invite you to explore and clarify your message to align it with the legacy that you want to leave behind.